Forgiveness is a human and Divine potential that lies within every human being. It is a Divine art we all possess and are responsible for developing and utilizing. So why does forgiving seem difficult to us? What causes us to feel that by not forgiving, we strengthen and protect ourselves and thereby maintain power over the concerned party or condition? Do we think that when we forgive, we in some way lose our power? Do we imagine we must have the power in order to maintain the ability to assail offenders and make them feel guilty or obligated? What encourages us to feel justified in not forgiving? Is forgiving not appealing to us? You need to understand that we cannot truly move forward until we learn the process and power of forgiving.
If we truly understood the power of forgiveness and the positive effect it has on us, we would not resist it so strongly. Experiences of every sort are brought to us as learning tools in order that we might evolve in wisdom and understanding. By evolving, we become increasingly more conscious of our soul’s purpose and of universal laws that govern human existence. Experiences are cosmic lessons designed by the soul and the soul personality. These lessons bring us opportunities to understand life’s purpose and for our progress to happiness.
We cannot learn and evolve without experiences. People and conditions serve as cosmic role players, catalytic messengers, if you will, which assist in creating and providing lesson plans of experiences for us. Does it make sense to resent or to become angry with the messengers or conditions that provide us with experiences designed for our benefit? They might well be thought of as teachers. Our human consciousness may not understand nor feel comfortable with or like the experiences presented. Nonetheless, we are presented with opportunities to learn, expand, and grow. The human consciousness may not realize that we ourselves have helped formulate the experience.
The voice of the lesser self—the small self, the intellectual unenlightened human self, the ego—urges us not to forgive. The perception of the ego’s reasoning claims and convinces us that it is too difficult to forgive and that we are justified in not forgiving. We must remember that the Divine Mind within us is all knowing and comprehensive in its knowledge of the past, present, and future. It does not reason in the manner in which our human intellect reasons. Hence, if your decisions are made believing only your human logic, rather than the inner Divine Mind, you are inviting limited decisions, which in turn invite a change in lesson plans and unexpected experiences.
Your knowledge, faith, belief, and trust should be in the soul and your inner Divine Mind. When we let our human logic create final answers for us, we fall out of harmony with soul’s purpose and with the True Self, as well as with the flow of universal intelligent energies, universal harmony, and universal life. We must not fail to practice and respect the All-Knowing Mind of the Master Within. Ignoring this Divine Mind brings life one disharmonious situation after another. When living in a world of “effect” rather than a world of “causation,” inner peace diminishes and anxieties increase.
We must remember at all times that we are spiritual beings traveling on a purposeful human journey. The honest seeker on the path asks: “What is the pathway to forgiveness and soul consciousness? What is the pathway to freedom, liberation, and enlightenment?” We must bring this truth to our consciousness: God has given to every human being resources to make this journey one with meaning and purpose, a purpose consistent with God’s law and the cosmic plan. The journey is filled with opportunities for spiritual growth and evolvement!

Idongesit Nse

My name is Idongesit Nse, i am a prolific writer. I am the director of Publeace Nigeria, a leading information room in Nigeria.

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