Vision And Mission Statements of Publeace Nigeria.

Welcome to Publeace Nigeria, an online publishing company which has its base in Germany, Philippine and Nigeria.

VISION OF PUBLEACE NIGERIA: To be one of the leading information, inspiration and enlightenment platform around the world.
1- To become Nigeria most loved, most cherished, and most profitable company in Africa and the world at large.
2- Our vision is to create a meaningful life through our publication
3- Bringing inspiration, innovation and enlightenment in the world of publication
4- A world were solutions are proved through media.
5- To be the fastest growing, most rewarding and most transformative media platform.
6- Building on the best news media, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to Nigerians.
7- To teach by example.
8- To be the place where people go to when the want the right information.
Please join me as we make Publeace Nigeria the dream of our generation. I sincerely and most humbly welcome you all to this world of mine created by self- belief.
Thank you
Idongesit Nse
Publeace Nigeria